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Picspams: Rainbow Brite Dream Cast (Rainbow Brite & Stormy)

Below the cut are two dream cast picspams, which were made for landofart's dream cast challenge. For the challenge, we had to choose an actor/actress we'd like to see play an animated character. Because I'm an 80's baby and apparently I'm a geek I went with Rainbow Brite and Stormy. Who are actually two of my favorite RB characters.


Reblog Links
Elle Fanning as Rainbow Brite | Allison Scagliotti as Stormy | Elle as Rainbow Tumblr graphic | Allison as Stormy Tumblr graphic

Rainbow Brite screencaps from rainbowbrite.co.uk & hellyeahrainbowbrite
Allison Scagliotti screencaps from Allison Scagliotti Online
Elle Fanning screencaps from Fanning World and Totally-Elle

Please don't repost these on Tumblr. Use the reblog links instead.

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